Welcome to Your Reflections Photography

Welcome to Your Reflections Photography where we provide a photographic experience different to any other. We put you at ease, shoot when you least expect it and focus on the small details to get the most natural results possible.



Emily Jones (BA Hons)

I found my love for landscape photography growing up in Sussex, and then further in the heart of the countryside in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I completed a degree in photography in 2009 and went on to complete a qualification in marketing and design.




Owain Jones (BA Hons)

Owain & Emily Jones on the beach.

I found my love of photography when I was on a day trip to France when I was 9. We were walking along some cliffs and from almost underneath us a helicopter rose into the air and I snapped the most incredible, up-close and personal photo of a helicopter in motion on my simple compact 35mm. From there landscapes and close ups took my fancy, and I still love taking them today.


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