Rebrand – we’re now YourReflections Photography

Myrddin Mirage Photography & Design has now completed our rebrand to YourReflections Photography.

Why Rebrand?

We’ve moved to a beautiful area, and as such wanted to shift the focus of our business away from design and more to the photography side of things.  Don’t worry though, we’ll still do design work on request.

Why YourReflections?

We realised the thing that most photographers forget – their clients – are actually the most important thing about their work. Too much time is spent (particularly at weddings) posing, getting the ‘perfect’ photograph, and not enough time is spent just ‘being’.

YourReflections refocuses the day away from the photographer back to the event itself. We wait for the best, most natural shots, and whilst we still get the posed photographs that the our clients want, we aim to give them the natural ‘moments’ that actually make their day.


We’re still working on our website. We will be using it to showcase our work and talk about what we do. In the meantime, enjoy this photograph of one of Folly Farm’s Penguins. 🙂